I am always alone at home
My dad is the civil servant
Whenever I ask him where he is
He’d answer “working” though it’s late at night
We’ve never had a dinner together
He always went outside the country, leaving the four of us at home
I remember the young me, waiting for dad who comes back at dawn
Dad, mom, and two younger sister
I am the oldest of the family, the bookworm
I remember those days
I remember

Let’s be happy. Don’t be sick

I’m starting making money though it’s not a straight path
My dad still saying that I’m a fresh graduate, but that’s okay
My mom and dad, even our cats
Hope they will look to me later
So when I pay for our expenses, you will no longer refuse
because it’s my responsibility
I’m getting a call, it’s my mom
Ring ring, “Hi, where are you?”
I’m working

Mom, let’s be happy, don’t be sick

Back then, when I was young
I didn’t know anything
That feeling of just watching
Whenever I ask my dad where he’s going
He always said working, working
I’m standing there right now

Let’s be happy. Let’s be happy
Don’t be sick, don’t be sick
Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Don’t be sick

* Adapted from Yanghwa Bridge by Zion T. Original lyrics and song are here.

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