The Fight

The top benefit for being an Aquarius is that I always overthinking to whatever happens in my life. It takes 1.5 hours journey from home to work by train + bus, every single day in the morning and evening, and this current event at Sudirman makes me speculate about life.

For morning salarymen who always getting out at Sudirman station, long queueing at the card gate is quite familiar, but swarming human overflow the station hall up to the bus station is one whole anomaly. This day has come, I thought, when trains come in sequence carrying loads of passenger, the bottleneck station will be clogged eventually.

So I walked to the right–opposite of the crowd– and in five minutes I reached Tosari then hop on to the empty bus. As we arrived at Sudirman bus station, I saw people flooding the road than ever! It was some kind of madness I’ve never seen, not all can get on to our bus so they have to wait for another one.

At times like this, be prepared for what happened next. You might want to walk a mile further rather than flocking with other humans so you can catch the bus and get good seat earlier than others, otherwise you’ll have to struggle over the ride to your destination.

This too happens at my job, which is crucial to enter ahead others and to get out before it’s too late. It is important to know the crowd habit, but it is not wise to run against them. Understand the crowd, then ride it properly.

Always plan well your fight 🙂

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