Train Your Brain

Every morning before I start my working hours, there are three things that I never skip: commute reading, having breakfast, and brain training. These sequential activities are essential as I try to build my consistency and resilience in my career life. Well, every success needs discipline in everyday habit, right?

Ever since I started these brain training, the most noticeable trait that getting stronger is my short-term memory. It is no longer a joke that my weakness is remembering names of people whom I first met, this really is pressurized me as more and more people I met during networking.

Before ended up to do the daily routine of these three, I have tried almost all brain training available on the Internet, and what I searched is the one whose offering Web-based platform. These three are offering the most interesting and well-built games; the most important thing that is FREE, with some conditions.

3. Memorado


Offered by: Memorado Gmbh

Access from: Web, Android, iPhone

Memorado has 27 games in overall. If you are everyday free-rider like me,  sadly they only unlock six games and rotate every three games for each training day. They have Brain Quotient (BQ), that’s how they called their brain performance, but I never bother this thoroughly. I simply use Memorado as warming up or appetizer before my main course.

2. Lumosity


Offered by: Lumos Labs, Inc.

Access from: Web, Android, iPhone

Similar to Memorado, the approach of Lumosity is game-like and nothing scientific about it. However, the design of the games is much more adorable and have a wider game variation.

  1. Cambridge Brain Sciences


Offered by: University of Cambridge team

Access from: Web only

Now, the creme de la creme of all brain training: the Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS). Well, calling it brain training does not define CBS, but it emphasizes measuring your cognitive performance over training your brain. Taking a challenge will give you a snapshot of the current functioning of your brain. A lot of lifestyle factors, such as physical activity, sleep, and stress (which you can track using CBS), affect your cognitive performance. Taking the tests at CBS allows you to view how your cognition changes along with your life.

Each day CBS will provide four assessment and it will be combined with overall result called C-Score. As CBS scientifically-validated, I took its report to the heart even before making any critical judgment of the day.




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