A Decade Journal

I was inspired by @mutishimoo to create a decade of reflection, year on year, instead of doing 10-years-challenge of appearance transformation. After all, I’m a forgetful person, so this might help me what I’ve been through for the past 10 years. I only used the tagged photos on Facebook, as they turned out a complete recap for my decade journal.

P.S. Pardon my grammar, I still suck at this :’)


The year 2009 has been one of the challenging years of my teenage life. I was in the final year of high school and should be ready for university. I applied and did the entry exam to state uni, s.a. UI, ITB, Unpad. Obviously, I’m not bright enough for ITB but got into Physics in UI and Food Science in Unpad. I’m not a big fan of exact science, thus I was thinking to do Food Science instead.

But hey, the best Food Science and Tech department in Indonesia is in IPB aka Institut Pertanian Bogor. I still have one chance in SNMPTN (The National Exam), so I’m giving it a go. Alhamdulillah, I got in (though I’m not sure how I did it) and I have another consideration to make. IPB requires their first-year student to live in the communal dormitory, together in a room of four. I’m not that keen to share my 24-hours life with other people, but my father convinced me that it’s better to focus on what I’m going to learn rather than how I live. Turns out, it’s one of the best decision that my family and I have ever made.

Well, at last, I’m graduated high school into my university adventure!

I just want to commemorate my high school uniform :’)
Also the iconic white-and-grey uniform
High School Prom
High School Graduation photo with our teacher, Pak Mu’min
First-year IPB student, class B04
One of the Gymnastic class, in front of our rectorate building


By went to university, I have the chance to experience things I haven’t had the courage before. IPB has many student associations to choose with, and I’ve decided to do the Agria Swara Student Choir audition and sung Lihatlah Lebih Dekat by Sherina (oh, my all-time favourite). I have this tendency to shy away in front of the crowds when I’m singing by myself as a vocalist in the high school band, therefore I thought joining a choir wouldn’t be so bad.

In the end, I couldn’t keep up with the scheduling madness. Here, I learned that I couldn’t get everything at once, and my effort to multitask only brings me a disaster. I’ve decided to put choir down, and forward with an in-line organization that will excel my study. Thanks for the sweet memories 🙂

I have a low voice range, thus I was placed at Alto
Long hours of practising until midnight
Singing for various events at IPB, including graduations
Agria Swara Annual Concert, conducted by Coach Arvin Zeinullah
This marked my last event with Agria Swara Student Choir


Though I’ve dropped one of my activities in uni, I still have two organizations to juggle: Emulsi Magazine and IAAS (plus more event committees from the department). I struggled to keep my grades at the minimum, but still, I found joy in organizing and meeting new people.

My IAAS journey also led me to their annual conference & workshop. That particular year, it was held at Belgium and Germany! There were six of us representing IAAS Indonesia and we need sponsors to fund our Eurotrip. It was a madhouse. Another cray-cray thing was I also applied to go for a conference in India in the same month. Because of this, I need to postpone one of my summer course to next year with my juniors. The only thing I learned this year was to stop acting like a reckless baboon. But hey, you only live once 😉

One of the worst conferences, they said :’D
Introducing batik to our new friends in India
All Indonesian students across universities in front of the mighty Taj Mahal
It’s official, we’re going to Europe!
Introducing Indomie as our staple food, while others brought cheese, wine, and beers.
Wearing our own traditional clothes
I solemnly swear that I didn’t know what just happened
Just one of the factory visit


The year 2013 also an international theme for me. I was introduced to the Tri-University annual event when I was volunteering and MC-ing there. Tri-U is an annual event held by four universities in Asia countries. At 2013, I submitted my proposal to represent IPB in Japan. By submitting to this, I am fully aware that my time at IPB needs to be prolonged, as I need my status as a student.

In a short span of my experience in joining conferences, seminars, and symposiums, Tri-U is the best I have yet encountered. This event allows you to present your scientific project while creating a vast network outside the university. Through the preparation and competition against other nationalities, I learned that we as Indonesians need to help each other though we have our own responsibilities.

This year I also did my first business and my first mountain hike. Again, YOLO!

One of our preparation session, practising our presentation to Mrs Endah and Ms Alfa. This was the most nerve-wracking moment, as they grilled us to the bones.
Our first day at Mie University, Japan
Excursion to Seisuimaru Ship
Full IPB package. We combined four different dances to perform at the Cultural Night
1412763_10202464816850574_1187822923_o (1).jpg
Here I am, doing (poor) Balinese dance :’)
Meet my business partner, Sarida and Fuad
With one of our bestseller products, katsu bento
My very first hike to Mt. Pangrango
Mt. Papandayan


Here we are in the year 2014, the year I supposed to graduate, calmly. But no, Allah has decided to make my life colourful by making me go compete for a national race. Have you watched The Amazing Race, where the participants going around the world while finishing the quest? That’s what I’m going into, but with a local event organizer called Caldera Indonesia.

My journey started at Bali with three strangers, whom I just met on the same day: Mas Eko, Rikki, and Bang Ibe the cameraman. From Bali, we went island to island until we reached Labuan Bajo, to hike Wae Rebo. Given limited money and time, we raced other groups to be the first one at the final point.

As we won the first leg, we were sent to the final match in Asia a month later. We started our journey to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and India. Here, we also won the final championship. I have written snippets of our journey here.

I’ve learned many things while I’m on a journey yet competition. Sometimes, you need to put your ego aside while you’re on a race. When your competitor is hurting, try your best to help and ease their pain.

Back in Indonesia, I’m graduated!

Across the sea…
Across the land…
Our final destination in Indonesia, Wae Rebo
I just couldn’t handle my tears. Not because of the winning emotion, but the idea of farewell is killing me
Starting the hiking journey to 5.500 meters of Mt. Kang Yatse
Commemorate the Indonesia Independence at Mt. Kang Yatse, Ladakh, India
Snippets of graduation. Thanks friends 🙂
For my dad and my mum. Thank you so much for your endless support 🙂


After went for months of adventure with Caldera, I’ve decided to work with them permanently. Here, I acted as the Digital Marketing Specialist and developing new digital activity experience and an occasional corporate outing facilitator/ consultant for corporates. It didn’t last long, as my priorities shifted to finance instead of adventure.


This very year, I have decided to have further education in the UK. I really appreciate my parents for their never-ending support, both emotionally and financially. I have been a pessimist for pursuing a Master’s degree, but they encouraged me to do so. In the end, I feel the urge to learn seriously about things I passionate about: investment management.


During my time at the University of Reading, there were two major term breaks during the year: spring and summer break. It felt wasted if I spent those times travelling in the UK, so I’ve decided to apply for some work. Not just any work, I’d prefer work that enriches my network and in-line with what I’ve learned. That very year, I’ve had the opportunity to do internships at Indonesian Investment Promotion Centre (BKPM), the Central Bank of Indonesia for EU and Africa region, and Bank Mandiri (Europe) Ltd, all in London. Then in late 2017, I’m graduated with Merits!

IMG_0253 v1.jpg
Meet my ‘foster parent’ in Reading, Pak Lexy and Bu Lea. They’re alumni of Veterinary IPB and have resided in the UK for a quite some time. I can’t thank them enough for keeping me a company as a loving and warm friend in such a cold country.

2018 – 2019

After attending graduation and finishing my internship at Bank Mandiri Europe, at early 2018, I’m back for good to Indonesia. I’m feeling excited rather than sad to leave the UK. In Indonesia, I’m doing everything I can to fill my gap before having my real job. I’m helping my mum’s friend on her business, helping my dad on his business, and so on. Finally, at the end of 2018, I got one on Mandiri Sekuritas. I’ve been familiar with this company since I’m a loyal customer for quite a long time, also doing a short internship there. They’re the largest investment banking and brokerage house in Indonesia, so there is no argument for me to join the bandwagon.

November 2019 marks my first year at Mansek and I’m excited to uncover more adventure there. I’m grateful for the job that Allah has directed me, the job that gives me a balance between work and life, that encouraged me to do better in mending my family relationship also managing my strategy, financial, and portfolio. I even have the time to develop my hobby and network outside work. Alhamdulillah.

First day at Mandiri Sekuritas
KYO09757 v1.jpg
First outing to Korea. Annyeong!

One thing I have learned from the corporate world is people do change. I tend to not listen to other people judgement to their peers, it’s just office politics. Just do good, and people will follow.

Ah, so. Welcome, 2020!

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